You believe we live in 1984? You wish!

I hear this a lot lately.

“We’re flying upside down.”

I do agree.

With engines roaring, we crash at dizzying speed, through layers of ancient traditions, customs and laws forged in centuries of experience. Rocketing through a cumulus cloud of spray poo, with our pitot tubes blocked up by lies and betrayal.

Our Insane pilots clamping their hysterically rattling and shaking sticks, in their fists. Eyes fixed fervently forward, down towards the earth. Stoically ignoring the macabre concert of chimes and bells. “Pull Up ” Pull Up”.

Our inverted airplane erratically shoots across the world, our magic marble, itself bouncing through the universe in insane curves and corners. Colors fading from pride pink to pedo purple, from code red’s, to code yellow’s, exploding in an orgy of rainbowflags and glittering men’s dresses.

If only we lived in the lazy pink mist of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, the delicious illusion in The Matrix, where the” juicy steak ” at least didn’t taste like mealworms or grasshoppers
If only we lived in the rigid, cruel monotony of 1984, in which you at least knew what to expect.

For us, War is not just Peace, Freedom is not just Slavery. Ignorance not only Strength.

If that was all, what a relief that would be.

In our contemporary clown world, Guilt is Innocence and Love is Hate.
Treason is Loyalty. Weakness is Power, Greed is good. Uglyness is Beauty.
Fat is Fab. Sickness is Health.Treason is Loyalty. Poison is Cure.
Women are Men. And Men are Pregnant.

Stupidity is Excellence. Lies are Truth.
Mark Rutte and Joe Biden are widely loved, elected in the most honest elections ever.

Abortion Is Love.

Murderers are Victims. Victims are Criminals.
Friend is Foe. Foe is Friend.
Let’s hand them 86 billion in armored cars and weapons and give them a list of our terrified people in hiding. The first ones are already seen dangling under our own Black Hawk helicopters. Three Cheers!

Children are Murderers, evil virus spreaders.
Fresh air is Poison. Poison is a Blessing from a sharp needle.

Cutting down forests is good for nature.

And Porpoises are saved from the dangers of windfarms at sea, by simply exterminating them.

And let’s not forget. Equality is racism.

Apartheid, Lets do it together!

Only if born in the right color, the golden gate of opportunity widely opens. And every turd you produce is promply polished to gold.
If you are the right color, you may present TV programs, win prizes, write frontpage columns, star in heroic movies. Only then you get government grants.

Only then you may burn down entire cities, out of anger over a botched arrest of a serial criminal. Only then you may freely block streets and squares without a mouth diaper and without being beaten up. Then the police kneel before you and your color. And even the Pope licks your shoes.

Exclusive is Inclusive.

And only when you call yourself an anti-fascist, you may stomp through the streets in black uniforms, armed to the teeth, harassing the elderly and the disabled. Breaking up prayer groups and spray kids with teargas.

In this ever accelerating bullshit blitzkrieg vortex, the bright colours of Raphael and Van Gogh fade into a muddled brown, green, the sticky mud of incompetence, wickedness and perverse banalities.
The vomit bags in our overpressurized cabin are filled to the brim.

Our angels turned out to be monsters, our highest leaders, to be the lowest scum. Our doctors dó harm, our scientists are cynical businessmen or take the form of autistic girls who can raise the level of the seas just by a tormented look .

Journalists, columnists, free artists and rebels, turn out to be feckless smuppies of power. Cowards at best.

In Brussels, a fat pig, freshly escaped from Animal Farm, yells its orders. The leader of the free world is locked up in his private Jacobs Ladder World of nightmares and delusions. And in Rome, the Eternal City, the pope, flaunting his shiny red shoes, venerates his Lord Beelzebub and praises injections that destroy the creation of the very image of God.

I’m frantically looking for the heavens, but i just see the ground approaching.

Strapped in and upside down.

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  1. Maarten Bestevaar

    3 September 2021 at 11:38

    Excellent, Jan. Very meaningful and well expressed. I totally agree. I consistently hope for a radical change of course, but I’m afraid it is in vain. This piece offers some solace, not in the message, but the elegance of the prose. I have never seen a better piece of writing in English from a Dutchman. Other than my own, of course. 😉

  2. Thank you kind sir.

  3. als er ooit een uitgelezen tijd was dat meer mensen dan ooit de hele enchilada konden (door)zien en laten zien, dan is het nu

    2021 the big panoptic

    disproportionate measures for a 99 to 1 survivable virus are wrecking the world

    everybody sufferering together may look like equality but really is an inequity

  4. Een CIA wetenschapper geeft een lezing over hoe het menselijk brein op afstand bestuurd kan worden door vaccinatie. Zou dat de reden zijn van de druk om iedereen in te laten enten?

  5. The practice of devastating postmodernism.
    Embraced by mainly the lefties for some decades — whatever happened to them, is — of course — clearly described in Animal farm.

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