Division amongst the Good. The autoimmune disease of our time.

If anything defines this day in time, it is the resurrection of evil. 

The rot, which, like a tumor, after decades of slumber, springs back to life and decides to totally ravage the whole body in a feast of metastases and lumps. Finally breaking the slender backbone of goodness, beauty and innocence.

The evil that stems from the same hydra, of which one head was knocked off in the five years of world turmoil, decades ago, about which everyone lamented “Nie Wieder” or “Wir wussten das nicht” afterwards; now back in a different disguise, under a different even uglier flag.

It is the whispering evil, unnoticed under a layer of veiled silence and clichés, whose roots have rotted their way incurably, into body and brainstem of our world, mutating, for many years. Invisibly plotting and breeding, behind mirrored windows, iron gates and thick walls, hiding behind smiles, under cold, unsmiling eyes.

Evil, silently eating away at the already weak foundations of our society, undisturbed, in a world left orphaned by God. His commandments neglected and shunned after Nietzsche, rightly, proclaimed that God was dead and that the rules of the power game could and should be rewritten with impunity by the strongest and most powerful on earth.  

The great anchors of the Divine were subsequently hauled in and humanity slowly drifted towards the meat grinders of the Somme and the ovens of Auschwitz.

It is the same pure and ruthless evil, you might have imagined, our fighting grandfathers forced out of “civilised” society for ever, or at least for much longer.

The Holodomor evil, the Gulag evil, The “ghetto of Łódź” evil, The Sobibor evil, the evil of the Armenian Genocide, the evil of Babi Jar and the evils of the insane German retreat from Belarus, beautifully portrayed in the masterpiece Иди и смотри. The pure unadulterated evil, that man, and man alone, can do to man, in a world without a merciful God.

The ruthless evil that turns against the whole human being. From the most beautiful young girl to the sweetest, noblest old man. 

Evil that presents itself totally different this time. 

New cloaks. New slender daggers. 

This time no cordite clouds, no fanfare. No more drums of war you can run away from, soldiers you can resist, no more wickedness you can easily recognise by badges and uniforms. No high caps and polished riding boots. No rifle butt in our necks, no concentration camps, no self-dug pits. All that is left is the fog. The fog of war in which the lines of friend or foe get totally blurred. 

This time it is not the power of evil, but the deep division amongst good people, who, in a mushy cocktail of instructed weakness, created confusion and division and praised cowardice, forges the weapons of mass destruction: a self-genocide cocktail with a generous shot of comforting lies and universal deceit, served on ice, with hamburgers and fries.

Our means of resistance washed away, like the sand under our sandcastles at high tide. It is the result of decades of indoctrination, forced self-loathing and heiled femininity and victimhood, pacifism, perversion, promoted barrenness, and an unfathomable trust in authorities and bottomless ridicule of the Almighty; the only one who can save us now.

We are like the sheep that keep smiling at the stoic butcher, even while sharpening his slaughtering knifes. In fact, most of us walk into the abattoir by ourselves, on appointment, kids in hand.

Like enraged cells of an autoimmune disease, we are pitted against each other.

Hugging granny is seen as potential murder and children, our greatest and most sacred possession, are seen by many as sources of fear, death and disease. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of once sane and logical thinking people will soon stand cheering before Moloch, gladly giving up their firstborn. 

Evil has made us mortal enemies of each other. Everyone is suspect and sacred bonds deemed unbreakable are being broken on a massive scale. We are all the disease now, the plague, the threat, death in the deepest of each other’s minds and eyes. Poised against each other, instead of being ready to see and fight evil; the hand that shakes the jar containing us, ants.

The only solution that remains, is to find a way for good people to end the division amongst each other. Because this destructive division amongst the good, represents a stronger force than any possible military division. No green baret can save a people divided.

Unfortunately, it seems that the devil herself plays her game masterfully. And of course she is cheating all the way.

Vind je mijn werk goed, mooi of zelfs belangrijk? Deel deze post dan zoveel mogelijk! Ook kun je mijn werk ondersteunen met een donatie!


  1. Maarten Bestevaar

    2 June 2021 at 17:17

    Not being a person of God, (although I live by Pascal’s wager) I don’t subscribe to the “Good” and “Evil” narrative, except of course in relative terms. You could define “evil” as the will to do others harm, or profiting from bringing harm. If you were to apple that to animals, then lions, tigers, cats and many others would be evil, and Bambi would be good. I see humans as a form of animal and inherently, we perform along the same lines as the other animals.

    Since man has become sentient, and realised we need other human beings for our very survival, we (well, many of us) live by the “Golden Rule”, otherwise known as “Do unto others as you would have them do to you”. Most of us generally adhere to that rule, but those that can depart from it and escape the consequences, often don’t. In modern times, those people are the rich, very rich, and filthy rich.

    In past times, living conditions determined the acceptance of that rule. In warm climates, people generally had it easier and had time for predating on each other, in colder climates life was hard and without your fellow villages, you would’t survive the winter. Thus Northerners developed “civilised society” and southerners generally didn’t. This explains much of the mess we’re currently in. Europeans colonising many countries, spreading “civilisation” while at the same time profiting, the poorer trying to spread civilisation and the richer doing the profiting. The mass migration of the third world to the West is no less dependent on the same development, they have a different view of society, and see the West as prey, which we have become. The very rich everywhere, generally coming from civilised society have their idealised and fantasy of civil society and with their wealth are now imposing it on the rest of the world. The new part is that they now can. Their wealth surpasses that of many countries.

    I don’t see people like Bill Gates, the people at the United Nations and the WHO etc., as evil, but as misguided. Even people at lower levels of richness succumb to the fantasy of “improving” our lives while at the same time profiting from it. Vaccine makers and medical mask sellers fall into the same catagory.

    There are of course people that get deranged pleasure from watching and making others suffer, but they are the exception and have mental health problems.

    The problem is that all those mentioned above are essentially children, manipulating others and throwing tantrums. The question therefor is: Where & who are the adults in the room?

    • I’m not specifically talking about “the man on the cloud” God. Its about the rules laid down in the Bible, that shaped our western civil society. Disregarding, disrespecting those rules leads us straight to the path of the castle of De Sades Justine. There is no good. There is no bad. There is only power of the strongest, most wicked. Everything goes when the rules of God are shunned.

  2. Oneiric Entropy

    4 June 2021 at 10:20

    Het gedrag van goddeloze machtshebbers tart de rechtvaardigheid van de Kosmische Orde. Het is van alle tijden maar de zielepijn went nooit voor de slachtoffers. Al lezend gingen mijn gedachten naar de golvende dichtregels van Lennart Nijgh. In De Drie Mandarijnen legt hij hypocratie op de Weegschaal van Maät. Ammut doet de rest. Op muziek van Boudewijn de Groot.

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