What did you do in the First World War, daddy?

Now that events succeed in an ever faster pace, the razor-sharp insight of yesterday is the wide open door of today. And every outlandish forecast of now is the blunt understatement of tomorrow.

The rabbit hole turned out to be deeper than fathomed. And in its darkness no rabbits seem to live.
On the stage of this macabre world theater, the decors change at lightning speed, and only now and then, one catches a glimpse of the prima ballerinas leading this dizzying danse macabre. 

In this chaos its hard to order my thoughts. But that does not dismiss me from my duty to try.

The day before yesterday the Netherlands commemorated the end of the Second World War, while in reality the First World War just begun only a year and a half ago.

From our positions of immeasurable prosperity, our perfectly safe and comfortable lives, a state of which we were even allowed to dream it would last forever, we were parachuted into a greasy, treacherous fog. A fog of of war, that for the first time in history, spans the whole world in its fatty shrouds.

It all started with a declaration of war, spoken from our own headquarters; “Your trusted normal will never ever return” our pale oncologist Prime Minister murmured, at us, shellshocked patients who a minute before, still thought we had our whole life ahead of us.

Today we‘re in the second year of this filthy war, from which no escape is possible by simply fleeing across borders. No more sailing the English Channel in a dinghy, no goat paths crossing the Pyrenees, leading to the highly prized freedom and a quenching jar of sangria.

No Switzerland. No Argentina or Uruguay. Yes. Again there is neutral Sweden, but also over there , the Pfizer and Moderna poisons are being injected in abundant quantities. The syringe as the infantry weapon of choice. Only in Afghanistan the jab is forbidden, but over there another war rages.

Wherever you look, wherever you listen, everywhere the same gory psychological war.

From the Philippines to Paris, from Austin Texas to Amsterdam. You find the same coercion, the same apartheid. The same invoked fear of death and artificial hate and confusion.

Everywhere the same infectious propaganda that drags sworn brothers and tribes, villages, families and churches right to the bottom of the bottomless pit, tears up whole communities and sets them up against each other, like red ants against black ants in a rattled jar. 

The trenches of this war do not follow the neat lines in the open field, they cross living rooms, company restaurants, medical practices and sports clubs.

This is not a war in the classical sense, with bayonets, flying body parts, guts hanging from barbed wire and gusts of burning lead.

The roaring cannons that opened the offensive at Kursk and  Normandy were replaced by a deep clean crystal silence, where one could “finally hear the singing birds again”.

No staff tables full of little flags. No bombings, not a mushroom cloud in the sky. Only empty freeways and oddly dancing nurses, with a side dish of purposely lit forest fires and engineered floods.

Nevertheless, also in this filthy war there are masses of innocent victims, though hidden from the cameras, swiped under bulging rugs. The thousands of elderly in New York, deliberately crammed on top of each other to be infected, who died like flies with plastic tubes down their throats. The untreated cancer patients, and many other silent dead of postponed and cancelled care, the young people and ruined entrepreneurs that saw their lives wasted and silently put an end to their misery. The millions of starving African children that were deprived from western help, because everything came to a standstill, including their lifelines. And the many many victims of the gene therapy, that never made the news. Perishing in the thousands with Guillain Barré, myocarditis, pericarditis, epilepsy or blood cloths in their lungs, brains and legs.

In this first ever world war, the fighting is done with seduction, deception and programming. The fear of death poked up to boiling point, curling through the streets like poisoned gas. 

The trucks and tanks from before are the jab-vans of today. The once dark grey concentration camps, now a sterile stainless white. The foot soldiers from the past, now the masses of gullible citizens, turned insanely afraid by continuously raging fear porn. Armies of truly lost, addicted to terror,  that find their only grip on the situation in the ever shifting sands of injections, pcr testing, QR codes and the many preposterous decrees, given out by leaders, who in another life, they wouldn’t trust for a second. These poor hypnotised souls, hovering in limbo, between hope and fear, who walked so far alongside the devil, they can’t find their way out of hell by themselves, in sheer desperation picking up their blazing torches, to drag the folk that chose differently, into their own putrid tar pits.

The elite troops whe know from earlier days, are intriguants now. The advertising guys and Public Relation machinators. Sitting behind their computerscreens, grinning satisfied at the morbid confusion they created. Laughing and joking about the increasingly heated tempers flaring up amongst good people; husbands, wives, friends, loved ones who now face each other with angry unforgiving heads from each side of the vaccin demarcation lines. 

We are all involuntary participants in this World War, in which the enemy is not another nation, but the entire world population. Communities truncated. Peoples hopelessly divided, weakened and played off against each other. The billions poised to be numbered and chipped, enslaved by the new system, that is being installed by a powerful network of companies, families, cults and a cynical communist party from which the desired ruthless system of surveillance and repression has been copied.

A war of illusions and funhouse mirrors. Of magic tricks and blatant lies, coming from puppet masters that frantically try to drive us all crazy on the many fronts in this bullshit blitzkrieg Creating havoc like the Stuka pilots did with the maddening, deafening sirens that were mounted to their landing gears. 

Now viruses, climate changes, CO2 and other invisible phenomena as the weapons of choice. 

Still, this is a World War without real armies.

This is a war against us all. Man, woman and child. White, yellow and Black. Muslim, Christian and Buddhist. And this war against us is far from lost.

In France and all over the world. A growing crowd of many millions, do not take this crap any longer, taking to the streets peacefully en masse. While the terraces ” slegs vir vaccinated”, on the Champs Elysées remain desolate.

More and more of us are seeing the monster behind its painted smile.

Billions of people refuse their shot. And the frantic attempts to force them into doing so, are becoming increasingly desperate. Threats prove to be blunt weapons, in light of the growing pile of information about the destructive contents and effects of the shot that does not seem to protect, but only harms. 

And then there is the creepy choice, to focus their vaccin efforts on the children, a choice which wakes up even the most docile parents, grandfathers and grandmothers. The elites, themselves mostly cold and barren, never having cut an umbilical cord, apparently do not understand the simplest of primal human instincts. 

They never really understood the indestructible bond between people, a deficiency in which they eventually will find their demise. 

Still… they seem to be the winners in this battle, but only by overfilling their mass media with strikingly uniform, increasingly grotesque propaganda, which is getting more and more easy to debunk. 

Propaganda spread every night by the same scientists and farma blockheads, with their cold eyes and ditto messages, filling the seats at talkshow tables. Media omnipotence, that make it seem they still have the controls. 

And still they hold our democracy hostage, creating new laws to hold up the appearance of legitimacy and popular power. 

But outside the frame of the cameras, consciousness grows.

Consciousness is our weapon.

This is the first World War to be fought without steel and brass. A war in which violence has no solution and every shot ricochets.

This is the war in which sincere human agape love and a regained collective consciousness, subdued for years by Tik Tok and PornHub, by Wake propaganda and The Kardashians, are the true wonder weapons. It’s our human bond against a godless force that wants to enslave and harvest the world population, matrix-style and put us in a deep, preferably eternal sleep. With worthless fiat money, tranquillizers, gene therapy and VR glasses loaded with hardcore porn.

We know what you are doing.

We are the peaceful resistance that will bond again. That will forge new connections, roots and networks. Our force will grow and grow peacefully, as we fill the streets of the cities.

Worldwide. Day after day.

The resistance that never gives up and draws strength from forced exclusion, that does not fear the old to be taken away, but instead throws everything into battle and dares to rebuild from scratch.

The resistance that awakens every doubter and forgives and embraces every lost and misguided soul. 

That helps them get rid of their uniform of fear. No matter how deeply entangled they were in the spiderweb of lies, that was spun for all of us.

The resistance of millions growing into billions, that welcome every brother and sister into the free legion of warm-blooded people who see right through what evil is happening here.

The resistance of the awakened.

The awakened who graciously reject this medical tyranny. The people who embrace each other as if we for the first time, can see each other for what we really are.

All created in the image of God.

Born free and of infinite value.

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  1. Willem Tolsma

    20 August 2021 at 21:35

    Prachtig geschreven Jan, deed me denken aan de heuvels rond Verdun waar we vorige week liepen. Hoe mensen tegen mensen werden opgezet. Langzamerhand lijken de tijden zich te herhalen. Alles for the greater good worden onze vrijheden opgeofferd. Gelukkig mag ik uitkijken naar het begin van “the resintance of the awakened”

    • Willem Tolsma

      20 August 2021 at 21:40

      De herinnering centra bij Verdun waar we al geen toegang meer kregen zonder de pass sanitaire. De gesneuvelden in de velden eromheen zouden zich omdraaien in hun graf over de regels in het nieuwe normaal tijdperk. De vrijheid die we zo snel weer hebben ingeleverd!

  2. Wow. Sprakeloos.

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