They are coming for your children.

The human flock has a blind spot for evil. The sharp edge of a butcher’s knife, most of us can’t bear to see. When a force presents itself as too diabolical, a spiritual poison kicks in that paralyses us and pushes many of us to condone pure evil to the bitter end.

The masses voluntarily choose to put on their thick leather blinders, which are not torn off until the iron concentration camp gate has been passed.

The wasp injects us, unsuspecting caterpillars, with her eggs, after which her larvae eat away our fatty tissue and entrails, slowly but surely, until only a chitin shell remains of us, which is blown away in the wind.

During the Second World War, half of Amsterdam clapped and cheered when the Nazi occupiers in their Krupp Protzes, BMWs and Horches rolled triumphantly over the Damrak and the Rokin. Showered in Dutch flowers.

It could not become that bad, now could it?

About a hundred thousand deported Jews later, our own hunger winter began.

Now the Fourth Reich is being rolled out, we see exactly the same pattern evolving amongst the masses.

The New World Order and their contemporary “Heil Hitler” now gleefully called “Build Back Better” are being dismissed as a fantasy, a conspiracy theory of the mad, while speeches and writings, in which the perfidious plans of the new Herrenvolk, are openly discussed in minute detail pile up far into the blue sky and the first concentration camps are operational, yet again.

“You will own nothing and you will be happy.” You? That’s us, now.

Once again, dissidents are made fun of and demonised, by the masses, while dictatorship is rolled out covering our God given freedoms and rights under a thick tapestry of decrees, propaganda and ordinances.
Hans and Sophie Scholl would yet again be delivered into the hands of the authorities by the good citizens. Cleaned up neatly.

These sheep still make up the vast majority, even in full vision or impending doom. The decent ones, who almost gleefully hop into the slaughterhouse truck, the umpteenth poison syringe that would “give them back their freedom”, still dangling from their wooly legs.
Speeding away towards the soothing tranquility of the inky void.

The remaining herd, left behind, still allowed to nibble on dry pollen for a while, destitute, but happy in a mist of happy drugs and “vaccines”.

Now the Devil always tends to overplay her hand.
Hubris is one of her weakest points. Fortunately she does not read Sun Tzu.

And in that fatal flaw, lies my last hope for a collective awakening. A possible ending to the silence of the lambs.

Because I’m curious how mom and dad react, now that Beelzebub’s lacquered claws openly reach out to their little lambs. The apples of their eyes. Their precious darlings.

And I’m not even talking about the jab, that so many parents still except as a safe prevention for a disease that never killed any healthy person under 30. Even after the almost deadly event that hit the Danish soccer player mid field and scores of myocarditis cases in young boys.

I’m talking about The San Francisco Gay Men Choir. Grown up blokes, who in eerily honey sweet singing voices, explain to us exactly what they intend to do with our children.

They’re coming to get them.

Like Adolf Hitler once did with the Jews, these guys make no secret of their intentions. Even though they don’t wear black or Feldgrau, but cheerful rainbow colors.
Even though they don’t look evil and shout orders but sing sweet songs. It’s the same devil’s spawn.

“We are coming for them. We are coming for your children.”

The link could not be embedded. They clearly don’t want us to talk about this. But take a look anyway.

Would mommy and daddy sheep finally wake up from their summer slumber?

Or are they too lame to even stand in defense of their lambs?

Hora ruit, tempus fluit.

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