Who wins the race for the Blue Marble Cup? The bell for the final round has sounded.



Can you sense it? 

Are we not herded into the grandstand of a Colosseum, our eyes intently resting on two racing horses? 

Can we not see these two mighty Arabs, a black fury and a white slender mare, galloping neck on neck in clouds of red dust, gasping for air, while whips crack incessantly on their striated flanks; clouds of steam and fire sprouting from their trembling nostrils, entangled in a flaming, final duel?

Which horse will emerge victorious, grasping the grand prize in n all-deciding zero sum game? The big blue marble cup. 

To whom will absolute world power belong when the dust clouds have settled? 

God and His creation or the self- proclaimed earthly gods, the fallen angels in drag?

Will a wave of applause and cheers emerge from the stables, catacombs and all the stands, overwhelming the whole city?

Or will the only sound be a barely audible “slow clap” echoing triumphant from the Imperial lodges amidst a deadly silence? 

Who will conquer humanity for the foreseeable future? 

What will the outcome of this race mean for us, despondent, delirious mass of inert onlookers, spilling potato-flavored insect chips into the laps of our red and blue colored toga’s? 

Is the finish flag the rag that finishes humanity? That puts us to sleep. Like a black cloth on a birdcage?

What will our world be like? Wil it be as Bladerunner, in which humans are replaced by much more productive and disposable models? Soylent Green, in which a logic prevails that leaves no place for the holiness of creation. A world in which burying the dead is regarded as just a waste of precious proteins? 

Will it be like The Hunger Games, where our young Gladiators fight endless wars in growling meat grinders, just to benefit the macabre wealth of the happy few? 

A world in which we chase each other’s avatars and holograms on virtual beaches? A prison planet, divided into castes of nobles and serfs, with no space for free citizens? A world in which property is destined exclusively for the elite’s elite? 

A world in which we and our children are both cattle and prey, permanently controlled with injections, drugs and cancer-causing chemicals in our air and water? 

A world in which babies are grown as raw materials and lab rats?

A world in which we are serfs in a neo feudal, multi-tier world, where the caste you were born into, determines what rules and laws you are held to? 

A world in which” Do as I say, not as i do ” is not a prank, but the highest law. 

Will the ominous words of Eyes wide Shut and Leviathan soon merge with those written in 1984, Fahrenheit 541 and A Brave New World; works we dismissed as dystopian master fiction, instead of acknowledging them as the revelations of initiates, written to warn us of the Malthusian schemes by diabolical phantoms, like Margaret Sanger, Charles Osborne and William Henry Gates, Bill Gates’s dad?

Will the world forever bow under” the men behind the curtain ” from Emerald City in The Wizard of Oz? Almighty illusive phantoms, protected by steel walls and armed to the teeth with mercenaries and drones? 

Will we mortals soon be living in a big cheerfully painted concentration camp, a human farm, trapped in systems of all-seeing eyes, sensors and sparsely distributed credits for good behavior?

Will the black beast win? Or will our ivory mare, that started this race drugged, with barbed wire and ropes around her legs and neck storm to the front just in time to free us all?

There are so many signs that say “good” has broken free from its eternal slumbering  blindness and occasionally even takes the lead, even if it is just a nose length, now that the iron hold on information, seems to have been broken, and with it its magic spell. Now that the blinders are removed and more and more blue robes are being changed for red?

Doesn’t the meek call for ”amnesty” from their more cowardly minions meek speak volumes?

Will “the last be first and the first be last”, just like Jezus said in Matthew 20:16?

Can’t we see that the tide is turning?

That, while the black horse keeps storming forward in a frenzy of deception, not even shying away from injecting his poisons into small children, the film ‘Died Suddenly’ by Stew Peters, opens millions of normie eyes to see the bitter truth about the covid vaccinations.

That, while in the backrooms of The Hague cartel politicians secretly meet to ban the only Dutch Freedom Party, its leaders are hailed as the heroes they are. 

That, while the stable masters in black ostentatiously fantasize about worldwide neo slavery and global domination, Manuel Macron receives his umpteenth bitchslap?

That, while the monsters continue to try to wring our farmers necks from Canada to Australia, our “Blue White Red, rebel boer flag proudly waves along so many Dutch roads.

That, as they continue to pit colors, faiths and sexual orientations against each other, a worldwide fraternization takes place, against these diabolical forces, who as their goals get closer, become more and more visible to us, in their yachts, their private planes, their five star hotels and prolific villas built on oceanfronts, with waters that do not rise an inch. 

That, while they thought they had all media in their power, #Trudeaulied #Balenciaga #NoAmnesty and #PedoHitler trend on a seemingly liberated Twitter and alternative podcasts like the Health Ranger from Mike Adams attract more listeners than CNN and MSNBC on primetime combined. 

That, as they steal election after election, using their damned Dominion machines, the determined masses on the streets of Brazil and China grow every day. That despite their massive fraud and corruption, Italy, Sweden and the US Congress were plucked from their claws, and with that the funding of their plans? 

That painful investigations have been announced into the Biden Crime family and Hunters Laptop. 

In our mind’s eye we can see the two furious horses, taking turns leaping forward, fighting to get ahead, while the finish approaches.

What will it be? 

The great resist of the great reset. 

The Holy Spirit or the grinning Beast? 

Is freedom finished or will there be a dawn of a new beginning?

We’ll know soon enough.


Let’s Fight.

Let’s Pray. 

Let’s Cheer our champion forward as if our lives depended on it.

If only because our lives do depend on it.

Writing this piece took me days, maybe weeks.

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  1. Tony Richardson

    15 December 2022 at 20:18

    Fantastisch geschreven moet eigenlijk op een spandoek aan rutte z’n toren hangen.

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