Forget ‘The Great Reset’. Let’s go for ‘The Great J Set’.

This Christmas, more than ever, I felt the need to celebrate with all my heart, the birth of the one who single-handedly made centurions kneel, brought high priests to despair and forced empires to bow.

Jesus Christ, the Redeemer. 

The one man army, the revolutionary fighter against corruption and hypocrisy.

Jesus who sought and found his followers in sinners, who saw goodness in criminals, tax collectors and outcasts. Who healed the possessed and lepers and drove the perfumed elites of his day into a frenzy, marinating them in their own delusions, corruption and hypocrisy.

The child who grew up to be a strong young man, never using his rough workman’s hands to fight, but exclusively his thoughts, prayers and words, to settle his many battles.

Jesus the child refugee, threatened with execution from the time of his very birth, who nevertheless returned to his country, because that was the place he was destined to go preach and die, to rise again after three days.

Not this soft, effeminate rainbow flag waving crossdresser, like the churches would have us believe, but a fearless guerrilla, who confronted the devil and spurned his temptations. A one-man army, armed to the teeth with God’s wisdom, who solely confronted a mob of murderous men as they were about to stone a defenseless woman.

Jesus, the punisher, who overturned the heavy tables of the moneychangers and pigeon sellers, who confronted the conceited Sanhedrin and swept the filth from the Temple. Who in the end, soaked in his own blood, betrayed by his nearest and mocked by his own people, dragged his own wooden cross up the mountain and sought his own excruciating death to give us redemption.

The man who had no need for a golden carriage to show that he was king, but instead entered Jerusalem on a donkey.

Jesus to me is living proof that one single child can save this world, even if his crib sits in a stable.

Living proof that the power of change lies not in the masses of the crowd, but in that one little spark that can ignite the sacred light.

That the eyes of every newborn reflect the face of God.

And their immaculate innocence has the primordial power to overcome all evil. 

That evil is terrified of this. Because the dark will never understand the light and therefore cannot harness itself against it.

Is it a coincidence that today’s rulers have openly declared war on children, like Herod who, at the first rumor of the birth of the Christ, had Bethlehem’s firstborn sons murdered, for fear of a greater King than himself?

I don’t think its just by chance, that the high priests of today prefer to see children die in their mothers womb, before they can utter their first cry; that on Boxing Day it was bloody business as usual in the Dutch abortion clinics, under the guise of freedom of choice and the liberation of woman. That in the Netherlands the term for allowing abortion is being widened further and further, while the excuse for it, simply remains the same; that no living child is killed, but only a “lump of cells”.

No coincidence that the sanctity of the unborn child is violated, sanctified by Dutch law, bluntly declaring their tissues to be raw materials, to be used in pharmaceuticals, expensive ointments and vaccines.

That in Holland unborn children are even fabricated in laboratories, like soulless products, less than lab rats, for testing and experimenting, to harvest human spare parts and fabricate monsters in an insane attempt to imitate God’s work by creating chimeras; deplorable creatures, crossovers between beast and man.

No coincidence that so many young teenagers are encouraged to willingly render themselves infertile, convincing them, that they were born in a wrong body and can be transformed into something they will never be.

It is no coincidence that the once undisputed love between men and women, is replaced as much as possible, by a dry lust for porn and fruitless perversion. 

And that for those who do try to be parents, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to conceive a baby, because their bodies have been poisoned by chemicals in foods and drinks, in plasticizers, shampoos and the mRNA in poison the authorities call vaccines.

It is no coincidence that a healthy baby born in spite of all this horror, gets buried under a rainbow-colored avalanche of drag queen story hours, kindergarten classes in masturbation, LGBTi propaganda and Disney movies and Netflix series steeped in violence, satanic pedo dog whistles, as soon as possible.

The monsters that rule this world have openly declared God dead. 

They already crowned themselves to be Kings of the Earth and the rulers of creation. Building a world in which they can dominate, abuse and enslave humanity to their heart’s content.

And for this they can do without the little ones. Except maybe to satisfy their pitch black lusts, for their perverse rejuvenation therapies, satanic rituals and an occasional sacrifice to appease their gods.

But most of all, they fear that ONE, nameless child, who may well be born right now. Somewhere in a shed in Kampala or a barn in Vilnius.

Their greatest fear is for that one holy child, who can make them squirm and wriggle, who can blind them in his light, who shrivels and blows away their omnipotence with a single gesture of his righteous hand.

Just like two thousand years ago.

The high priests and kings of this world, know all too well what Christmas stands for.

That is just why they try so hard to abolish it. 

Forget “The Great Reset”. It’s time for the Great J Set.

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  1. Beautifully & truthfully written brother Jan!
    (makkelijker voor me in het Engels)

    And like brother Simon van Groningen said:
    “You have received great gifts from The Everlasting God!
    Use them to the max!”

    God bless you abundantly!

  2. True story, Jan, true story 🙏

  3. Sheila Briedé-Roqué

    1 January 2023 at 09:04

    Zo prachtig weer , zo juist omschreven!

  4. Daniel v. Maaren

    29 May 2023 at 08:21

    Dank je Jan. Ik lees het met tranen in mijn ogen; dit geeft moed. <3

  5. Klaus Schwab

    29 May 2023 at 10:25

    Prachtig stuk.

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