Elon Musk. Why the enemy of our enemies, is not necessarily our friend.

“We have a unique but rapidly shrinking window of opportunity to learn lessons and reset ourselves on a more sustainable path.” 

“a golden opportunity to seize something good from this crisis. Its unprecedented shockwaves may well make people more receptive to big visions of change”

I always remembered this quote from, then Prince Charles, spoken at a meeting of the World Economic Forum, still operating in the shadowy bowels of global politics. Spring 2020*.

Who but a monster could see beautiful opportunities for a better and cleaner world, in the outbreak of a killer pandemic?

What kind of psychopath sees a sustainable future in the foreboding death for millions and the complete collapse of the world economy? 

And who would dare to say something like that out loud for all the world to hear?

A golden opportunity? For whom? 

This Wuhan bat, at that time still flapping about in mass media and Marion Koopmans**’ head, was strikingly convenient for Charles. 

Furthermore, the urgency with which this “golden opportunity” had to be seized, struck me immediately.

The “rapidly shrinking window” motive, implied a red line. A precise time frame within which the “golden opportunity” should be fulfilled.

Whatever it was, had to be taken advantage of, before the window of opportunity would have slammed shut.


I think Charles’ magic window, which allowed the storm winds of the new order to blow in undisturbed for about a year and a half, has slammed shut tight. 

And with it, the book filled with roaring plans for a dystopian world, grafted on disease, death and destruction, that was to be published, one month after Charles’ words; Covid 19 The Great Reset by the now sufficiently well-known Klaus Schwab.

I suppose it was Vladimir Putin who destroyed the Covid 19 narrative, and with that the very basis, for their plans. 

By his elimination of bio laboratories in Ukraine, beginning of March 2022, the next meticulously planned “unprecedented shockwave” by the elite, must have been narrowly avoided. 

Right after the Russian special military operation started, fatal cracks in the Covid playbook appeared. Strict timelines were interrupted and the planning and execution of further phases towards the Great Reset have faltered ever since.

The pandemic component of the plan was remarkably suddenly put on idle, while other initiatives, such as “infiltrating ze cabinets” with WEF members, introducing of CBDCs and the expansion of the mandate of Bill Gates’ WHO, still went full steam ahead, creating all sorts of rifts and tares in the narrative. Their carefully coordinated and synchronized policies no longer made any sense.

Suddenly we saw them stuttering and failing with their Monkeypox story, we saw them struggling with the missing grounds for enshrining Covid 19 legislation, we witnessed their failing WHO power grab and the sudden lack of need for QR passes. While continued attempts to persuade the unwilling public, to repeat the mRNA shots, while no-one was ill with Covid, seemed ludicrous.

Suddenly it seemed like their Chinese-style system of total control, their culling of the herd, their dreams of ending human freedoms, personal property and untraceable money for normal citizens, their bid to end nation states, on the basis of the Covid 19 story, could not succeed. That the transfer of all power to them, the happy few, under the guise of “worldwide health.” would fail. 

The Covid 19 window had slammed shut with a thermobaric bang.

And although the mass media and politicians diligently tried to cover up the deafening shattering of glass, and a gigantic pile of shards was immediately swept under thick rugs, anyone who wanted, could suddenly see the splinters in the windowpanes, the mangled handles and the cracks in the rebates.

The crushing health damage from the DNA and mRNA syringes, the corruption in the highest circles of the EU, the pumping in circles of billions of dollars and euros amongst cronies, the harm of lock downs for children and the elderly, the deadliness of treatments and of delayed care, bankruptcies and depressions, the fortunes spent by governments on trolls and influencers. And so much more.

More and more people could now easily see for themselves, the evil nature of the plans of the self-proclaimed elite.

And the people who did see, got angrier and angrier. Livid at healthcare, the government, the media and organizations like the WEF.

And slowly but surely, more and more fingers, began pointing at those who did not want te be revealed.

The clique hidden behind the scenes of this global power grab, that ordered, planned and worked it out in every detail. The mysterious architects and masons of power, suddenly threatened to be pulled out into the scorching light of day. And that right at the time they needed a new “window of opportunity” to be hammered out with lightning speed. To redraw the disrupted Covid roadmaps, into alternative an format to take their places, before the Petrodollar would fall, before the words “revolution” and “tribunal” would be on everyone’s lips and before their political pawns, elected with fraud and bribes, would have been deposed by the awakening rabble.

And then something very curious happend. 

By a stroke of magic in a postmodern hero comic, right on cue, there He was. 

This grotesque Batman figure in his fire-red Moloch superhero pajamas. Elon, the new hero of the right, this magic rocket man, the witty boss, the über-cool glasnost and perestroika king, who makes all the wokies pee their panties in exasperation. Here to save an awoken humanity from all evil.

Suddenly, Twitter, was no longer the domain of a bunch of Antifa trannies with nose rings and blue hair, but owned by a man of mystery, owner of Tesla Corp, SpaceX and Neuralink; a genius who works in close cooperation with NASA, the WEF, the Pentagon and DARPA. But who despite of all that, also emerges as the hope of common man, a champion of openness and total freedom of speech.

A curious combination indeed.

With great élan, humor and flair, Elon has been throwing one slab of red meat after another at us enraged lions in the Twitter pit for months now. To happily see them being torn apart by the agitated masses craving justice.

The Balenciaga pedophiles, the perverted Biden family, Trudeau, Doctor Fauci, Suddenly, one powdered necromancer, corrupt authority and perverted scoundrel after another, is brought into the full light of day and thrown to the beasts of the arena. 

The masses cheer it on. Satisfied but appeased.

And i’am no exception. I cannot help but enjoy watching Elon Musk sacrifice the vermin, to their own amusing dismay and that of their squealing minions, who realize that they could easily the next piggy, flying right into the bottomless pit.

Finally, there he is, our hero, the man who solves all world’s injustices for us. 

While we can stay sitting on the couch tweeting.

Or can’t we?

Isn’t Elon the balloonist who drops the heaviest and most visible bags of ballast, so that a new and improved story, that is being concocted behind the scenes, can gain altitude unimpeded? 

Isn’t Elon the birdhunter who catches the ugliest little bluejays, who, with their false whistling and annoying flutter, make the grand opening of a brand new window of possibilities impossible for now?

Is Elon not the gardener who burns the barren wood that has made itself impossible or has already been exposed?

Isn’t Elon like Spiculus, Nero’s favorite gladiator, smoothly taking out the weak and unworthy for the emperor, while we, millions of spectators, wallow in our bread and circuses?

Isn’t Elon the magician who makes us laugh at all the squeaky bunnies he pulls out of his top hat, while behind the black velvet curtain, a new story is frantically being worked on; one that could be a worthy successor to the Covid 19 narrative?

Elon the buyer of precious time? 

I am not sure. 

Hell, i even voted “NO” on his amusing Twitter CEO poll.

But I know after 58 years of life, that if something seems too good to be true, it is most likely not true.

My advise.

Enjoy Elon’s “unprecedented shockwaves” to the fullest, but keep your distance from his “big visions of change” and especially stay away from his “golden opportunities.”

Just wake me up when he grabs the Rothschild, Gates, Cargill or Rockefeller by their soft little earlobes.

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*That Corona was not an accidental outbreak of disease, but a bioweapon, an all-out offensive, an Operation Barbarossa of a then still supreme and mostly invisible world elite, an all out war against the proles, a global effort to cull the herd and subdue the oinks, virtually no one could suspect at that point in time. We still clapped for the NHS and hourly scrubbed our hands in innocence.

** Dutch virologist, implicated in the Wuhan lab scandal.

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  1. As you say: “if something seems too good to be true, it is most likely not true”. Not sure if he is true but I do hope so. It’s time to turn the table.
    Thank you for your beautiful text.

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